#002 Eric Meyers of The Rev 8-19-19

Eric Meyers of The Rev

Interview, Music Video Preview, and Live In-The-Studio Footage

SoundworksMedia.com presents SWM episode 2 with Shane “The Brain” interviewing Eric Meyers of The Rev after one of their recording sessions for their new album at SER Soundworks Recording & Rehearsal in Chandler, AZ.

In addition to our interview with Eric, we got glimpses of the band playing a special live acoustic track in the studio as well as music video previews.

The swampy Americana rock band frontman and founder talks about their new album, new music videos, near death experiences, surfing and his never-ending love for all things aquatic.

Catchy melodies and rich harmonies abound in their new singles already out and watch out for The Rev’s new album to be released in the near future!

SoundWorks Media follows in the footsteps of show IMP-TV (Indie Music Phoenix), and IMTelevision.

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