Concerts To Consoles: Episode 40 – No Lungs

The new Concerts to Consoles marks the one year anniversary of doing the show and podcast! For it, we have the masters of stories and tangents with No Lungs and Austin! Plus for the third time, rolled out Super Smash Bros Ultimate to play as Sam and Ryan show they are the most skilled of the group. Watch it on YouTube and Twitch or listen on podcast services!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 39 – Acne Superstar

A brand new Concerts to Consoles on the YouTube and podcast feeds with Acne Superstar! The band shows they are champs with the Sega and Treasure classic Gunstar Heroes, especially Ryan. Watch or listen as they chat about family origins, get a little political, why Every Show Joe thinks getting photo passes is like another version of dating, music origins, favorite stage banter in the Phoenix scene and more!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 38 – Drea Doll and Gaby Kaos

Up on the podcast feed and YouTube, the first new episode of 2020 with the Venomous Pinks’ Drea and Gaby. So, of course, we grabbed Nintendo’s pink mascot Kirby for the occasion and we played Kirby’s Dream Course. Watch as we attempt to play it well while chatting. Topics ranging from the beginnings of the band, the new music label and music this year, expanded touring life, their podcast, and many other fun stories.

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