Concerts To Consoles: Episode 44 – Miles To Nowhere

Miles to Nowhere swings by on the latest Concerts To Consoles! Now up on YouTube and podcast feeds, watch or listen to what started as wrestling with Phantasy Star Online turned into WarioWare antics for most of the episode. Learn where Galaxy Punk originated, see Andy surprise them, and stories from the road of a band and sound engineer by the end!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 43 – The Limit Club

Now on the podcast and YouTube feeds is the latest episode of Concerts To Consoles! One of Phoenix’s longest running Rockabilly bands, The Limit Club joins for an assortment of PS1 games with Twisted Metal 2, 2 Xtreme, and Tekken 2 to round out the seconds of these series. Discussing serious things like Cheez Its versus Goldfish, hair styling, what bands should you listen to when first getting into Rockabilly and Psychobilly, Miranda’s concert experiences, favorite bands in the genre, and plenty more!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 42 – Ethan 103

Not even running out of hard drive space stops this show from going on, pushing the video to YouTube right from Twitch and grabbing the audio for the podcast feeds! Watch as they play a Valentine’s Day week appropriate Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime on the Nintendo Switch. Hear not only tales of how deep Ethan 103’s music experience goes, but even tales of old venues like the Stray Cat and Big Fish Pub, Every Show Joe’s two birthday shows he has put on, and more.

Concerts To Console: Episode 41 – Logan Miracle and Kody Rattler

On the podcast feed and Youtube, Concerts to Consoles brings part Pokémaster Kody Rattler and Logan Miracle of After The Calm! With that, we tackle the camera skills to capture Pokemon in Pokemon Snap. We chat about the band’s beginnings, 2019 favorite albums, the detriments of the normalization of hard drugs in music, touch on the infamous Penis Man(har har), and plenty more!

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