Concerts To Consoles: Episode 47 – Corey Skowronski and Brandon Kellum

Last currently scheduled episode, for a little, of Concerts to Consoles up on YouTube and podcast feeds now! He couldn’t ask for any more positive and uplifting of guests than Brandon Kellum, of American Standards, and Corey, of both American Standards and Life and Limb. Check out as they play Cruis’n World on N64 as a way to still get out during quarantine times and chat.

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 46 – FoL

Finally got the dudes of First or Last on a new Concerts To Consoles! While Halo: Combat Evolved is our game, not only do we hit on the usual origins of their music and video game tastes, but find Dave challenge Skull Drug’s Hoon to a Dad Joke off by the end! If you missed it streamed on Twitch, now watch it on YouTube or listen on podcast services of your choice!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 45 – Old Fashion Assassin

On the latest Concerts To Consoles, our local Heavy Metal rockers of Old Fashion Assassin are testing their kart racing pedigree with a little Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64! Watch on YouTube or listen on podcast services now.

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