Black Mountain – “Destroyer”

Black Mountain - Destroyer

70’s Rock Dun Right!

70’s guitar rock has been done again, and again, and again, by every single musician at some point. Lots of people get it wrong by just hitting copy and paste on bands like Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, or Deep Purple. When it’s wrong, it’s really bad, thankfully when it’s right, it friggin’ rips. Black Mountain’s “Destroyer” GETS IT RIGHT!

The smart use of synth gives the record an air of self aware campiness, that makes it that much more endearing. When everyone knows it’s silly, you can be silly. That’s why the band Ghost works. Because it’s silly, self aware, and everyone who’s self aware can act silly about it, and have a bit of fun with it. The pairing of vocoder and killer fuzzy riffing on “Horns Arising” make it a top track for me. “Pretty Little Lazies” sounds like a second wave British Invasion song on even MORE acid. “License To Drive” is a ode to early Judas Priest, with all the washy dreaminess of those sweet analog synth textures.

All together this album is near perfect. It has its weak points, as most records do, but it doesn’t have many. This is my pick of the week. Everyone should give this a shot.

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