Today, LA-based singer and songwriter Annika Rose has shared the music video for her debut single “In The End” (TaP Records). Directed by Danica Kleinknecht, the video finds Annika alone in a vibrant, yet moody bedroom with only a few windows and no doors. The visual reflects the song’s theme of self-sabotage for the sake of her passion, music. View the video here:

“Filming this video was a really special experience as it’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid,” says Annika, “It was amazing to have it finally come to fruition and help tell the story of my first single.” 

Released last month, Annika’s debut single has been featured on Apple Music’s “A List Pop,” “Breaking Pop” and “Pop Chill” playlists as well as Spotify’s “Fresh Pop” and “On Point” playlists. “In The End” is an immaculately arranged piece of piano-driven pop that easily demonstrates Annika’s effortless vocal performance. Annika first shared the song earlier this year where it has amassed nearly 24 thousand views on YouTube and nearly one million views on Instagram.

Born into a musical family—her mom’s a songwriter, her dad plays guitar and piano — Annika first started honing her songcraft as a little kid growing up in Southern California. Raised on an eclectic mix of singer/songwriters and artists like Stevie Nicks and Alanis Morissette to Fiona Apple, Frank Ocean, and Rosalia. At just 17-years-old, Annika embodies a clarity of vision that’s rare even among the most established artists. Strong-willed, self-driven and bubbling with charisma yet disarmingly sensitive, the rising singer/songwriter has devoted most of her adolescence to music, spending countless nights alone at the piano and carefully unearthing her most authentic voice. She possesses a lyrical identity that boldly deviates from the usual pop milieu, revealing a seldom-spoken truth about the emotional chaos in coming of age. 

“In The End” is the first single from Annika’s debut EP, expected later this fall.

Listen to “In The End” here: 
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Counterparts – Single Release + Video Premiere + Album Announcement

Metalcore band Counterparts have officially announced their 6th full-length album, Nothing Left To LoveLife’s revolving door is front and center on the record, due out November 1 on Pure Noise Records. Bookended by the powerful lyric “Will you love me when there’s nothing left to love?” – a desperate plea on commitment in the face of both mortality and morality – the album muses on many of the topics vocalist Brendan Murphy has in the past: life’s darkness, self-destructive tendencies and the self-flagellation they beget. “I know I’ve said this for every record we’ve ever released but… Nothing Left to Love is best Counterparts record. I wouldn’t hold your breath for anything ground breaking, but as we grow and progress we just get better at writing Counterparts songs, and that’s all we’ve wanted to do. If you fuck with the band you’ll probably love it, and if you don’t then maybe we’ve finally honed our craft enough for you to give a shit.” shares Murphy on the forthcoming record.The first look at the forthcoming record came earlier today when the band dropped the music video for “Wings of Nightmares”, which, according to Murphy “is a no brainer first single because it’s a perfect blend of old and new Counterparts. Sounds like if we tried to rewrite a song off Prophets in our late 20’s. It’s one of the most “Counterparts” songs on the record if that makes sense. I think it’s got something for everyone.” Produced by Will Putney (Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain)Nothing Left To Love shows the band moving their uniquely captivating sound forward without losing the musical DNA that broke them back in the early 2010s. It’s a musical tour through the band’s history, as more melodic elements sharply swerve into caustic breakdowns reminiscent of their debut album, 2010’s Prophets Fans can stream “Wings of Nightmares” and pre-order Nothing Left To Love today at

Thornhill – New Single + Video Debut

Melbourne metalcore five-piece Thornhill has announced details of their hugely-anticipated debut full-length album, The Dark Pool, set to be released on Friday, October 25 via UNFD. Introduced by pelting lead single and video “Nurture,” which originally premiered via Reddit, The Dark Pool marks Thornhill’s next assault on an expectant heavy scene. Since emerging in 2016, the band has made a playground of the Australian heavy sphere, earmarking themselves as one of the country’s most refreshing and unrelenting emerging acts. Having stretched their touring muscles alongside the likes of Northlane, Architects, Parkway Drive, In Hearts Wake, and Polaris, and impressed with releases including their 2018 EP Butterfly and recent single “Coven,” the clever and colorful The Dark Poolpromises to be a breakout for Thornhill. From the unrelenting riffage of ‘Nurture’, to the sweltering breakdown of “Views From The Sun,” and the breathy moment of rest on “All The Light We Don’t See,” The Dark Pool captures the breadth and depth of this group’s knockout brand of heavy. On its musicality, Thornhill lead vocalist Jacob Charlton explains: “We wanted it to have enough difference that people would be surprised, and it would also allow us to keep branching out down the track. We wanted to sprinkle enough in The Dark Pool that we could continue to build on, we never want to pigeon hole ourselves into a genre, that was never the point of Thornhill. We just want to be exactly who we want to be every single time.” Thematically, he shares that each track touches on various common threads of humanity. “Nurture” is a commentary on idolizing someone/something and losing yourself in the middle of that, and elsewhere the record touches on anxiety (“Coven“), body image (“In My Skin“), the afterlife (“Where We Go When We Die“) and loss (“Lily & The Moon“). On the genesis of its namesake, Jacob explains it refers to a dark, reflective pool where we can all see a mirror of ourselves and what makes us who we are. While each track is closely linked to Jacob’s reality, he encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences and take their own meanings from his lyrics. “Every theme and meaning on this album is in direct relation to my life at any point of writing. It helps me to draw from experiences and moments that feel real to me so that I can translate that emotion into something people can relate to. You don’t have to listen to this and think about what I believe the song is to me, I would love for you to take away your own meaning and make your own story that makes you feel like this record is about you,” he says. “For example, ‘Lily & The Moon’ is about my dog, but it’s also broadly about loss so everyone can relate to that in their own way, it could be about anyone someone has lost or is losing. It’s not supposed to be a story of sadness either, it’s supposed to be a reminder to make sure that we care enough about the people that we love while we still have them.” Thornhill will celebrate The Dark Pool with a thumping hometown release show on Friday, November 15. It goes down at Melbourne’s Stay Gold with support from Deadlights, Mirrors, and Tapestry. Elsewhere, the band are due to support The Amity Affliction at Heaven and Hell Festival in September alongside UnderoathCrossfaith,Trophy EyesVoid Of VisionPagan, and more. They’ll also join Wage War on their recently-announced European run in January.  The Dark Pool will be released on October 25th via UNFD, and is available for pre-order now at

Exnations – Music Video Premiere

Self-proclaimed sad-pop act EXNATIONS is channeling the 80s in their brand new music video, “John Hughes Movie Soundtrack.” Inspired by scenes in movies like The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink, fans can watch “John Hughes Movie Soundtrack” now exclusively on Substream. The song comes from their new EP, Pink Haze, which has recently been featured on EARMILKAll Things GoPopDust, and more. Pink Haze is out now and available for purchase at“Our sonic palette draws pretty heavily from 80’s pop and new wave music. There’s nothing more fitting to compliment the driving grooves and 80s-inspired rhythms that this song is built on than a dance-heavy music video. Problem is, none of us can really dance all that well,” the band shares. “So we enlisted the help of the talented Zoe Allocco to be our lead dancer and compose the movements for this video. All that was left for the band to do was stay generally in rhythm and play the occasional air guitar solo. We also included a few not-so-subtle homages to classic dance scenes from John Hughes movies – so be on the lookout for those.” They continue: “Shot on a rainy night in Brooklyn, we romped around the wet streets – jumping over giant puddles, scattering from cars, and generally having the time of our lives. We shot the whole thing in a single night, thanks to the dedication, hard work, and vision of our amazing crew – Director Erin Bagwell, DP Max Nepstad, Camera Op Luis Trujillo, and Photographer Jenna Passmore.We hope you love this one as much as we do. John Hughes forever.” EXNATIONS are an indie pop band out of Brooklyn, NY; comprised of Sal Mastrocola, Taylor Hughes, and John O’Neill. Although self-defined as a ‘sad’ band, their color palette remains neon, penning compositions that steadily rise from somber lows of deep purple towards anthemic highs of vibrant pink and blue.  The band’s debut release, Tiny Sound In The Dark, is a more-than-promising effort, laced with sparkle and anticipation. The group’s knack for memorable hooks and danceable rhythms are clear, but what’s even more compelling about EXNATIONS is the anthemic sense of empowerment the trio produces on their first effort. Their forthcoming sophomore EP, Pink Haze, deals from the warm halcyon embrace of nostalgia. Beautiful and all-enveloping, it’s so easy to get lost in. But over the course of the record, the band arrives at the conclusion that the haze of nostalgia best serves us when we find a way through it. When we can look at the past honestly and critically, we’ve got our best shot at true growth and progression.
Hazy and dream-like, yet bursting with passion and energy, EXNATIONS is a fitting metaphor for the world in 2019. It’s sad, but we’re still dancing.
Pink Haze is out now and available at

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