Dinosaur Pile-Up – “Celebrity Mansions”

Dinosaur Pile Up - Celebrity Mansions album cover

I see the usual music media outlets calling this “Alt-Rock”. Let’s be real for a second, “Celebrity Mansions” is fantastic and I love it, but this very record has been commercially successful before; 20 years ago, released by Sum 41. 

Yes, I know, I know, but this sounds exactly like “All Killer No Filler”. I would even hesitate to agree with most other reviewers in calling it alternative, this whole thing sounds like a pop punk outing from 2002. “Back Foot”, the single, has rapped verses, just like in “Fat Lip”, the music is pretty much tugging power chords throughout, and there are multiple songs poking fun at old heavy metal, and old people just like Sum 41’s “All Killer No Filler”. Stop calling this “Alternative” and start calling it what it is: Pop Punk. Yes, that same pop punk that you remember being really into for a little while, and then quickly shunning it the second someone in junior high said it’s for posers.

Just admit it. You like it. Just like I like it. 

Hey, I’m not ashamed of my taste. I realize that style of pop punk lacks a wealth of artistic value. I know it’s generally stupid, but that’s why I love it; because it’s FUN. Dinosaur Pile-Up is fantastic, this record is awesome, just like their previous releases, but I have to point it out. I have to say it; it’s absolutely not “new”, and it’s definitely not alternative rock, that would define this as way more “adult” than what it is. 

Generally I’ve got nothing bad to say about this, it’s really brilliant. It’s loads of fun, it’s silly, and the songs hit hard, and like I said before, I love that garbage pop punk. This is going to make for a very fun tour cycle, and I’ll be sure to keep my eyes on when they’ll be rolling though. 

Honestly, call it whatever you want, I’m just glad to see a band that sounds like this again. Fantastic! 

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