Every Show Joe Says Not Go! 8-14-2020

Saturday is one of the busiest I’ve seen in a little while plus a few other rad music streams to be found littering the week. Included are ways to support our music industry friends too!

Friday 14

  • Coping with Dystopia 17 featuring Apes of the State, Alien Ghost Magic, Mikey Muffins, Public Serpants, Pour Choices, and more – 3 PM
  • Snailmate saying goodbye to “The Waiter” and debuting a new song – 8PM
  • L.A. Machina E.P. release show on Stageit – 10 PM

Saturday 15

  • The Venomous Pinks full band live stream from Carter Drive Sessions – 6 PM
  • Supernova Saturdays return with Bite Me Bambi hosted by Coolie Ranx, of the Pilfers, and on the Supernova Ska Festival Facebook – 5 PM
  • Virtual Open Mic Punk Rock Art Show in the Virtual Punk Rock Art Show Facebook group – 5 PM
  • The Four Eyed Horsemen featuring MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, MC Lars, and Schaffer the Darklord with LEX the Lexicon Artist – 2 PM
  • Kepi Ghoulie – 9 AM
  • The Boneless Ones live stream – 6 PM
  • Jaret Reddick, of Bowling for Soup, 12:05 PM and 6:05 PM on StageIt
  • Pick It Up! Ska in the 90’s digital screening and watch party with the band The Inevitables – 6 PM

Sunday 16

  • Carter Drive Sessions with Make Haste – 7 PM

Monday 17

Tuesday 18

  • Trunk Space (Fun)draiser on the Trunk Space Instagram?  – 6 PM

Wednesday 19

Thursday 20

  • The Fest at Home with Grumpster and Spanish Love Songs on The Fest Facebook and Social Distance Party’s Twitch – 4 PM
  • Chris Murray – 5 PM
  • Raquel Denis on the BEAMS online music series on the ASU Kerr Facebook and YouTube channels – 7 PM

Friday 21

Dat Step Hideout Tomorrowville Chase
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