Generationals – “Reader As Detective”

Generationals - Reader as Detective

Review by Nick Spezzacatena

Generationals new album Reader As Detective is exactly what you want out of indie pop music. It’s up beat, light hearted, and just plain fun. The instrumentation is bubbly, and danceable. I found myself bobbing my head to the beat while trying to be very scrutinizing while doing my very serious review. There is great groove going on through the entire album with the drums, bass, and catchy synth lines.

This band does a great job of creating classic pop riffs and turning them into something new and modern. The mixture of the retro melody lines with modern instrumentation makes the music super catchy, very interesting, and strangely familiar at the same time. The music feels comfortable as if it all the different moving parts belong together. They don’t force anything into the music, it flows effortlessly as music should. It is all very simple, but also perfectly catchy.

The mixture between the synthesized drums and acoustic drums was a smart direction, and it works very well. The synth drums are used more as fillers than the main beat of the song. Anything synthesized is perfectly juxtaposed with live instrumentation, and the sound they create is awesome. If you are an indie pop fan, you will love this album. The production is superb; it has a somewhat dirty and gritty sound without losing the tone and lighthearted feel to the album. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this album.

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