Makeunder – “Pale Cicada”

Makeunder "Pale Cicada"

I had to look up this artist since I have never heard of them before. I went and listened to their first album and I was a little worried. It was a really strange and annoying indie jazz music. I begrudgingly found this record, hit play and prepared to be bored. Immediately I realized these guys have done some growing up, and I was in for one hell of a record.

Makeunder is hard to pin down into one style. If you like passion and soul, then definitely give this a listen. Pop enthusiast? Give them a listen. Jazz gatekeeper? Please shut up and take a listen. Anyway, this group ticks so many boxes and I really liked that.

The singers voice is the thing that really drew me in, there is so much soul about it, and it, and the way he feels the groove impressed me as well. So then you listen to the music and the tight groove going on with the bassist and drummer and the synth player and you realize, this is what a pop band could be, but the grand most of them just put out boring garbage. Makeunder captures this passion, a real passion for whatever it is they’re talking about. That’s what this album encapsulates. His voice brings that feel, but so does every single instrumentalist.

The upbeat songs are very groovy and definitely remind me of a slightly funkier Huey Lewis and the News. The slower songs on the record are a little more experimental, but the same idea runs through all of it, never loose the soul. The feel the guitarist gets by holding notes out just long enough to get a little tension; that’s sexy. The bassist knows just when to make a run, when to slap, and when to keep it nice and smooth. The instrumentalist on this album are extremely talented, I hope Makeunder sticks more to the funk/R&B style, because they do so well at it.

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