Palehound – “Black Friday”

Palehound - Black Friday

This record was a masterclass in washy acoustic, synth laced indie pop.

Palehoud’s 3rd release since the mastermind behind the project Ellen Kempner started recording under the moniker. The album sounds as a well of emotion, overflowing with haunting melodies, drenched in reverb, and cascading through lyrical subjects of depression, self hate, and ultimately overcoming those feelings. 

The vocals are fantastic throughout, while they did go with the strange over-compressed approach with them, I think this technique works with her type of voice. Her light whispering vocal quality needs that extra punch delivered by the processing to really cut through all the wash, and provide the perfect compliment to the music. The song writing was absolutely wonderful, I really tended to really enjoy the soft singer songwriter structure, and the drums, synths, and copious amount of reverb gave each song a spacey feel that I think worked very well. 

To my ears, it sounded like a modern Echo And The Bunnymen record; many people have tried to accomplish this style over the past few years, and this is one of the few I felt got it just right. “Black Friday” is honest, emotional, and beautifully dark. Each song feels heavy, as if you’re sloshing through a thick dark river, towards the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s well executed, and I give it my highest recommendation for this week.

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