Pip Blom – “Boat”


I think every song on this record is fun in its own right, and all of them stand out in some way. It’s washy and shoe gazer verb drenched when it needs to be, and other times its bouncy and danceable. There are moments of pure indie punk, and moments that almost sound like electro-pop.  In those moments the drums specifically sound like a drum machine, although I’m pretty sure all the instruments are real, just with a lot of time editing in those moments to get them RIGHT on beat.

The songwriting here feels like its experienced; like it’s a honed craft. I really only have good things to say about all the songs on this album, and I love when that happens. It’s really the flow of the music, and the structure that stands out the most.

Like I said, the songwriting is great. The vocal melodies are consistently fun as well. Sometimes they’re beautifully basic, other times the unexpectedly intriguing. The overall mix is perfect as well; perfectly imperfect. I really liked this record, check it out.

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