red steppes – “Arcs”

It wasn’t too far of a departure from her previous work, but there were a few really interesting additions that made this record way more interesting than I was expecting.

The addition of the tapped guitars on “Leonine” gave it a very cool texture. The vibraphone on “The Armistice” the synth pads on “Bitterroot, Indigo” and the strange vocal effects on “A Careful Garden” made those the stand out pieces for me.

I love seeing the ever changing, ever evolving feel of folk music in the US. It’s becoming a genre without any borders, or rules, which allows interesting acts like this one to flourish. Her voice is oddly beautiful as always, and it’s old timey folk quality, pairs well with the unexpected jazzy chords, and instrument choices that define this record. It feels like folk from an alternate universe, like we’ve gotten to peek beyond our understanding of the genre.

I love it.

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