Every Show Joe Says Not Go! 8-21-2020

Friday 21

  • Phoenix Hooker Cops Social Distancing Oline Benefit Gig to benefit the Rips Bar staff – 8:30 PM
  • A Song For Joe benefit stream for #SaveOurStages featuring The Strokes, Dave Hause, Frank Turner, The Interrupters, Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello and more over on www.joestrummer.com – Noon

Saturday 22

  • Livestream Tribute for Steve Soto featuring members of Bad Cop/Bad Cop, CH3, Death By Stereo, Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets, Left Alone, Manic Hispanic, Swingin Utters, and more at stevesototributeconcert.veeps.com – 5 PM
  • The Outlaw Lockdown Live featuring Japhy’s Descent, Brian Blush and Jason Sarratt, and Jim Gerke and Dusty Denham on Unity Through Community – 7 PM
  • Supernova Saturdays with Mike Park hosted by Coolie Ranx, of the Pilfers, and on the Supernova Ska Festival Facebook – 5 PM
  • Kepi Ghoulie – 9 AM

Sunday 23

  • Carter Drive Sessions with Krovak – 7 PM

Monday 24

Tuesday 25

  • Trunk Space (Fun)draiser on the Trunk Space Instagram?  – 6 PM

Wednesday 26

  • Random Studios Presents Mega Ran Concert Series – 5 PM

Thursday 27

  • Chris Murray – 5 PM

Friday 28

  • Quarantine For a Cause featuring Matamoska, Mr. Kingpin, Vic Ruggiero, Los Nauticals, Be3 Like Max, Flying Racoon Suit, and bunch more – 7 PM

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 45 – Old Fashion Assassin

On the latest Concerts To Consoles, our local Heavy Metal rockers of Old Fashion Assassin are testing their kart racing pedigree with a little Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64! Watch on YouTube or listen on podcast services now.

Concerts To Console: Episode 41 – Logan Miracle and Kody Rattler

On the podcast feed and Youtube, Concerts to Consoles brings part Pokémaster Kody Rattler and Logan Miracle of After The Calm! With that, we tackle the camera skills to capture Pokemon in Pokemon Snap. We chat about the band’s beginnings, 2019 favorite albums, the detriments of the normalization of hard drugs in music, touch on the infamous Penis Man(har har), and plenty more!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 40 – No Lungs

The new Concerts to Consoles marks the one year anniversary of doing the show and podcast! For it, we have the masters of stories and tangents with No Lungs and Austin! Plus for the third time, rolled out Super Smash Bros Ultimate to play as Sam and Ryan show they are the most skilled of the group. Watch it on YouTube and Twitch or listen on podcast services!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 39 – Acne Superstar

A brand new Concerts to Consoles on the YouTube and podcast feeds with Acne Superstar! The band shows they are champs with the Sega and Treasure classic Gunstar Heroes, especially Ryan. Watch or listen as they chat about family origins, get a little political, why Every Show Joe thinks getting photo passes is like another version of dating, music origins, favorite stage banter in the Phoenix scene and more!


This episode has the NES back out and playing the classic DuckTales with Radio Blonde’s Ben Anderson. Watch as they take on that challenge and hear the always awesome moon level music. They talk about his music past, travels, EveryShowJoe’s past, 80/20 Records, and plenty more!


Watch, or if you prefer listen on the podcast feed, as the Maybe Next Years pay the show a visit. They take on racing and the challenges of Trials Evolution while chatting on many topics from concert adventures to Mountain Dew.

CONCERTS TO CONSOLES: EPISODE 33 – Ryan Miller and Zelda Nohansen Hyrule

Up on podcast services and YouTube, the latest episode of Concerts to Consoles. Joining Every Show Joe on this one is Ryan Miller, of Celebration Guns, and Zelda. Watch as we tackle the latest title from Tarsier Studios and Nintendo, The Stretchers, and chat!


Add another fun episode to the books as TJ Friga, of Playboy Manbaby​ and Instructions​, joins Every Show Joe on this latest episode for Streets of Rogue’s quirky and humorous rogue-like gameplay. Conversations delve into his long music history, how he came to be in both bands, teaching School of Rock, touring, Earthbound, and plenty more.  Now up on YouTube and in audio only form on podcast services!  


Up on YouTube and podcast services is the latest episode. Four player stealth gaming is the name of Monaco’s game, and Twin Ponies is the band that joins Every Show Joe as we attempt our cooperative adventure on the Xbox 360 version. We chat about their band, music and games with it.

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