5 YouTube Channels I Use To Find New Music

Ready for some new tunes?

1. underrated

If you like dreamy synth pop, verb drenched indie rock, shoegaze, post rock, experimental electronic, or anything that sparkles, this is a place for you. It seems like the channel has become a bit less active recently, but there’s still plenty of gold to pick through from previous years. Scrolling through the postings feels like you’re thumbing through the bins at the weirdest record store on the edge of the known universe. There’s live performances from Japanese acts, vinyl rips from funk bands you’ve never heard of, full album streams, as well as the normal single track videos. The consistency of feel this channel has is unlike most music channels I’ve come across. And that consistant feel, is almost surreal.

Favorite Finds

Yukako Hayase


Manow Bale – The Lost Smile


Number Girl


2. Anti

This channel is the home of the misfit bands. Everything posted here is deep underground, and beautifully odd. The material consists of mostly full album streams, specializing in all the ultra low budget, noisy, messy punk tunes that no label wants to touch. Every now and then, some really scrappy new wave bands will be thrown into the mix, but it’s mostly punk stuff. It seems to be run by one person, one of those collector types that will dive into oncoming traffic in order to get their hands on a crappy, run over, beat up cassette tape from a band that no one otherwise cares about. I’m glad these character types exist, because if not, how would we know about great bands like Moist Boy, or my favorite, Judge Judy, and Executioner. I remember one time, a band from around the Phoenix area called Heavy Breather was featured on this channel. Strangely enough I found them there before I’d ever heard about them by word of mouth. That’s the power of having your stuff featured on one of these channels. Your weird electro-punk record, that you recorded in your closet through a single microphone powered by a potato that you named Gregory might not be able to get the views, but they can for you. That’s why these YouTube music hubs are important.

Favorite Finds (couldn’t pick 3, heres 5 instead)





Color TV


Permanent Body


Booji Boys


3. OdiumNostrum

Mountain Dew is kvlt right? Black Metal, doom metal, death metal, all the metal, in all its glory. A trip through this channel’s archives is like taking a walk through the infinite void itself. Littered with album art that really could be none more black, this dark corner of the internet truly could be your new soundtrack for your midnight summoning parties. It’s a gold mine for stuff that you won’t find on Spotify or Apple Music, all the dark, and moody, heavy, and chaotic stuff that only finds it’s way onto tiny labels out of places like Norway or Germany. The channel’s regular twice a month posting won’t satiate your eternal thirst for blood, but it will satisfy your need for crushingly heavy metal. I LOVE this channel.

Favorite finds



Terra Tenebrosa




4. Punkers TV

Not really a place for me to find “new” music on YouTube anymore, but it’s a great place to watch a ton of old live performances. If you’re just getting in to punk rock as a whole, this is where I suggest you start. It’s absolutely full of legendary live performances from just about every notable punk band ever. I found Punkers TV, which is just run by the one guy, as a Facebook group. Then I started following him on Instagram where he regularly posts videos of his viewer’s bands, so you get a taste of a bunch of cool stuff from all over. Along with that, you also get the usual live videos from the lords of punk like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, and the like. As well, he posts a lot of Indonesian punk bands. Indonesia has a HUGE punk scene, and I’m glad to see someone here in the west taking notice, and exposing these kids to a much wider audience. Below I’ll post a few videos from his YouTube channel, as well as a few bands I found through his Instagram. @punkerstv

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Punkers TV YouTube



The Clash


The Dead Boys


Punkers TV Instagram Bands

Johny Comes Lately




5. Rap & Undergound Hip Hop – DOPE

Hip hop heads beware! The earth shakes, windows shatter, as something big is stirring in the underground. East coast boom bap is king on this channel. All the videos are long format DJ sets, and are expertly done. The songs are choice, they flow perfectly, and they hit so hard, it’ll cave your chest in. The last post on this channel was 10 months ago, so it’s possible the channel is dead, but with 85 different mixes, all about an hour long, there’s plenty of material to check out. Weather you’re hunting for new tunes, looking for a soundtrack to your relaxation, or just looking to play something while you scrub the floors, this is the perfect channel to just turn on, and let go.

Favorite Find

Rap & Underground Hip Hop Especial Mixtape


Thanks for the read, now go listen. New stuff coming all the time on the website. Discover Briefly on Tuesdays, Record Reviews Saturday through Monday, and random things like this whenever I feel like it.

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