Frank Iero and the Future Violents – “Barriers”

The record opens up with a REALLY bad take on a southern gospel, then goes to a VERY bland rock track, and then FINALY gets interesting around track 3. “Fever Dream”, which just sounds like early My Chemical Romance is when I started gaining interest.

Then I promptly lost interest.

There’s only a few stand out moments on this record, and they all sound like reject “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” tracks. “Moto Pop” is supposed to be the big chaotic, heavy, crazy moment on the record, but it’s so contrived that it just doesn’t work.

I had trouble finding where Iero was going with this record, I couldn’t nail down the general idea. After perusing through most of the record, I came across the track “No Love”.

Finally, I realized what he was going for. More punky Joy Division.

I appreciate where he was going with it, I love the idea, but you have to do it right. There’s been plenty of bands that use Joy Division as a huge influence, and a lot of the times it works. I’m sorry to say, but it only came through a few times on this whole record, and even then, it only worked once or twice. My top tracks were “Fever Dream” and “No Love”. I’d say check it out for diehard fans, but otherwise, it’s just too basic, and there’s not enough stand out moments to really sell it.

Frank Iero is an extremely talented songwriter, and guitarist, just look at his long career with the highly successful My Chemical Romance for evidence of that. I love his singing voice as well, I think its perfect for music like this, and I think it’s got an interesting timbre albeit very raw on this record. I feel he probably put his creative flow into too small a box this go around, and I’d like to see him explore further in future outings.

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