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Remo Drive – “Natural, Everyday Degradation”

Since seeing them play on Audiotree a few years back, I’ve followed them, and generally enjoyed their stuff. This outing is different, I did enjoy most of the songwriting, but the mix was just off.

The snare had a bunch of fake reverb on it, as well as the cymbals, but the rest of the drum kit was just dead. The guitars were sometimes throaty to an odd extreme, and the lead vocals were needlessly flat, as far as the reverb goes. The vocals SHREDDED through the mix like a bone saw, and sounded SO freaky and unnatural it took me out entirely.

Compared to their previous release “Greatest Hits”, which was kind of raw, with much more added space, “Natural, Everyday Degradation” is just way too overly polished, which takes so much away from what I really liked about this group. The mix didn’t bother me at all on the songs “Two Bux” or “The Grind” but I think that’s because those songs added up to more than the sum of their parts. They were more than just the mix.

The rest of the tunes just weren’t all that special, and needed to sound amazing in order to stand out. All together, the more I listened, the more I disliked it. Thanks but no thanks guys, my advice would be go back to the “cheaper” mix engineer you had before. Whoever that was knew how to serve the song with a mix, and not over power it with their ego stroking. Sorry guys, I love the work, just not this particular work.

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