Morrissey – “California Son”

“California Son” his newest cover album, might be okay, and it might not. Judging by what I think of the single “Lady Willpower,” which contains 4 of the twelve songs to appear on the record, it’ll bomb.

Or It might not, I don’t care. I won’t review it.

The man works off of the “any publicity is good publicity” shtick, which was fine when it was benign. When he refused to play the Staples Center because they served meat the day before, that’s annoying, but whatever. Now, his antics on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, wearing his For Britain pin was a step too far. For Britain is a far right wing group that is too racist for even other far right wing groups. I’m betting he doesn’t actually support them, and he’s just doing it so people like me write about it, and his name comes up in conversation.

Because of that fact, this will be the last time I write about someone in this context. I’m bummed out, and it’s not just me. Record stores around the globe are banning the sale of “California Son” and other releases by the artist in response to his newest publicity stunt, and I love that.

For a celebrity to use this extremely volatile social climate to promote themselves is really low, even for someone like Morrissey.

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