Duff McKagan – “Tenderness”

Duff McKagan, of Guns N Roses fame, has made a woke, mellow, country record. Why you ask? Because it’s the natural progression of anyone involved with 80’s metal. Mutt Lang, producer of such acts as Def Leppard and AC/DC went on to marry Shania Twain and do a bunch of country records himself.

Modern country is just 80’s metal with a twang. Duff really try’s to make it ballsy in places, with heavier drums, and a bunch of cussin’, but it’s still an acoustic record, so it’s never very intense.

I’m kind of trashing it, which isn’t really true to what I felt about it initially. I feel like I’m more inclined to shred it because it’s tied to Guns N Roses, who is in fact my least favorite band of all time. The lyrics sometimes miss the mark, but it is always heartfelt. Like Duff is really wanting to express the feelings he’s experiencing during this turbulent time, but he’s only ever written about sex, drugs, and rock n roll, so it doesn’t quite come out right.

It’s actually kind of a shock. You’re expecting someone from Guns N Roses to be writing an acoustic record about how his first of 12 wives left him during his drug days or something like that, but with “Tenderness” you get really socially aware lyrics like “do we have to watch another mother cry, do we have to watch another school kid die” in a song called “Parkland”.

A lot of the pieces were surprisingly well crafted, and obviously the production was stellar. “Parkland” was my top track, because that was the one that made me rethink trashing this album. It’s no “Imagine” but it’s a solid commentary. Check it out.

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