Concerts To Consoles: Episode 47 – Corey Skowronski and Brandon Kellum

Last currently scheduled episode, for a little, of Concerts to Consoles up on YouTube and podcast feeds now! He couldn’t ask for any more positive and uplifting of guests than Brandon Kellum, of American Standards, and Corey, of both American Standards and Life and Limb. Check out as they play Cruis’n World on N64 as a way to still get out during quarantine times and chat.

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 45 – Old Fashion Assassin

On the latest Concerts To Consoles, our local Heavy Metal rockers of Old Fashion Assassin are testing their kart racing pedigree with a little Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64! Watch on YouTube or listen on podcast services now.

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 44 – Miles To Nowhere

Miles to Nowhere swings by on the latest Concerts To Consoles! Now up on YouTube and podcast feeds, watch or listen to what started as wrestling with Phantasy Star Online turned into WarioWare antics for most of the episode. Learn where Galaxy Punk originated, see Andy surprise them, and stories from the road of a band and sound engineer by the end!

Concerts To Console: Episode 41 – Logan Miracle and Kody Rattler

On the podcast feed and Youtube, Concerts to Consoles brings part Pokémaster Kody Rattler and Logan Miracle of After The Calm! With that, we tackle the camera skills to capture Pokemon in Pokemon Snap. We chat about the band’s beginnings, 2019 favorite albums, the detriments of the normalization of hard drugs in music, touch on the infamous Penis Man(har har), and plenty more!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 40 – No Lungs

The new Concerts to Consoles marks the one year anniversary of doing the show and podcast! For it, we have the masters of stories and tangents with No Lungs and Austin! Plus for the third time, rolled out Super Smash Bros Ultimate to play as Sam and Ryan show they are the most skilled of the group. Watch it on YouTube and Twitch or listen on podcast services!

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 38 – Drea Doll and Gaby Kaos

Up on the podcast feed and YouTube, the first new episode of 2020 with the Venomous Pinks’ Drea and Gaby. So, of course, we grabbed Nintendo’s pink mascot Kirby for the occasion and we played Kirby’s Dream Course. Watch as we attempt to play it well while chatting. Topics ranging from the beginnings of the band, the new music label and music this year, expanded touring life, their podcast, and many other fun stories.


This episode has the NES back out and playing the classic DuckTales with Radio Blonde’s Ben Anderson. Watch as they take on that challenge and hear the always awesome moon level music. They talk about his music past, travels, EveryShowJoe’s past, 80/20 Records, and plenty more!

CONCERTS TO CONSOLES: EPISODE 33 – Ryan Miller and Zelda Nohansen Hyrule

Up on podcast services and YouTube, the latest episode of Concerts to Consoles. Joining Every Show Joe on this one is Ryan Miller, of Celebration Guns, and Zelda. Watch as we tackle the latest title from Tarsier Studios and Nintendo, The Stretchers, and chat!


This episode brings by the punks of Manoz Zuziaz to tackle the caveman competitions of Caveman Games on the NES. Watch was we chat about the band’s beginning, Chelsea’s past and current music projects, and try to get Jaime’s favorite non-DIY venue out of him.


The man most know as Harry Jerkface jumps on for the challenge into one of the harder games to appear on Concerts to Consoles, T&C Surf Design on the NES. Learn about his deep music past all the way back to the islands of Hawaii to city of L.A. and the desert of Phoenix!

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