Appleseed Cast – “The Fleeting Light of Impermanence”

Appleseed Cast, one of the original midwest emo bands. If you were apart of the early emo scene back in the early 2000’s you probably listened to them.

Their newest album is interesting, It’s very different than what I am used to hearing from them. Usually the guitars are the ones taking the lead part musically with Appleseed Cast. On this record, everything is built around the synths. The soothing pad sounds along with some white noise and arpeggiation creates a moody atmosphere; one that isn’t different from what they normally do, just approached in a new way.

This album is more about atmosphere than music and lyrics. Songs blend together so you can’t recognize the beginning of one track or the end of the other. It puts you in this strange world, and creates a feeling of being sad, but sort of content with it.

The only issues I had was the vocals were so buried underneath everything it was hard to hear what was being sung, most the time I had no clue what they were talking about. Then there was the issues that sometimes the instrumentals were a little to long. Upon a quick listen it sounded like the same thing was happening for a minute and a half. It took a very deep dive to hear everything that was going on. They had other synths coming in, adding of more noise or subtracting it, and messing with the different filters on the synth.

Basically this feels more like a soundtrack then an album. The sound they chose was great, and what they did with the synths sounded smooth. They got away from their classic emo feel and went with something different, and it worked.


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