Sum 41 – “Order In Decline”

The new record is interesting. Its not terribly good, but it’s also not a bad record as a whole. There are quite a few songs that go absolutely nowhere, and just sort of meander around a riff or two, but there are also some great tracks as well. “Turning Away” “Out For Blood” and “A Death In The Family” are all great punk tracks, that feel like both a departure from their original body of work, as well as a new direction.

These tracks feel way less like the goofy pop punk icons they once were, and much more like standard punk fair for the common man. On the other side of the coin, the rest of the songs, save one, are very boring. I suppose this is what we all must accept sooner rather than later, artists sell singles now, not records. Most of the tracks feel like filler, in stark contrast to their 2001 release which was in fact all killer.

As a whole this record feels so average. They did a good job hyping it up,
releasing songs like “Out For Blood” first. I was extremely excited about the heavier feel of that track and was itching for more like it. Unfortunately it’s the only song that sounds like that on the whole record; everything else is very standard.

By far the most exciting song on the record is “The People Vs…” which is a pulse pounding, punk track played ad breakneck speed. The chord structure of that song is interesting, inventive, and downright cool. Hearing that piece near the end of the album just sort of ruined the rest of it for me. The whole record is standard and at times very boring, and then out of nowhere this blazing fast, well written, excellent punk song. So now we know they had that in their back pocket the whole time they were writing, why aren’t the rest of the songs nearly as well done?

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