Tycho – Weather

Tycho, funny enough, is a band I came across while watching T.V. I heard their song during a commercial and was very interested. Ever since I have been a big fan. Tycho is definitely the type of band you put on when rainy, and cold, and you wanna relax with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Lately though I have been itching for new material. Tycho puts out a lot of remixes and “deluxe” versions of songs, and I think we’ve all been waiting for something new; finally, it’s here!

“Weather” starts off with all the classic Tycho sounds, super smooth and layered synths that make you feel like you’re on a cloud in a dream. Tycho is normally an instrumental project, and to my knowledge had never released anything on an LP with vocals. This album is different. As they have before, he starts off with his classic instrumental sound, he quickly makes the shift, and for most of the album the songs incorporate vocals.

The singer he chose for the record was Saint Sinner, who is great, and something that was a big surprise to me, I really loved it. I was skeptical of the new vocal incorporation, I thought it might take away from the unique style and feel Tycho usually brings. On the contrary, it actually added a lot to the music; a whole new layer to the soundscape. Her voice is nothing too special but its soft and smooth and fits perfectly into the Tycho sound. A couple songs get a little poppy, but nothing too crazy. He adds some dirty synth bass here and there, but its not a far cry from what they normally do, and at the same time is a nice change of pace for the record.

Of course the production on this album is pristine. The tone of the drums is incredibly crisp, and sharp, and the synth patches are beautiful as always. The whole record is unsurprisingly mixed very well, and all together sounds as washy, warm, and enticingly pretty as you would expect from Tycho. If you are already a Tycho fan, don’t let the vocals dissuade you from listening. Im sure you’ll love what they are doing. It is different sure, but it’s not to far off what they normally do, and what’s the harm in a music project exploring some new avenues?

If you have not listened to Tycho before I would say definitely give them a listen, maybe start with his 2014 record “Awake” and lose your self in the fuzzy wake for a few hours.

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